FIVE RINGS MARTIAL ARTS Kickboxing Fitness Classes !

 With our Kickboxing fitness classes, you'll not only enjoy an awesome workout, but you'll also mastering one of the best self-defense program you could ever want to know! Our kickboxing fitness program is taught by advance-level Black Belt instructors who've created a class that will work every major muscle group in your body while giving you all the cardio conditioning, strength training and defensive drills you'd expect  from the most advance martial arts programs!

Our Adult Martial Arts Training Program!

Martial Arts training that could save your life! Our adult training program blends Krav-Maga and Muay-Thai together for the most effective and realistic training available. From Beginners with no prior experience to advance level martial artists, our professional staff of National certified Black Belt instructors will guide you to your personal best. Men and women of all ages, backgrounds and stages of life are enjoying many benefits of the martial arts training. We treat all of our students with respect and will bring out the positive attributes of each individual. FIVE RINGS Martial Arts Academy training reduce stress and allows people to set realistic and challenging goals. Our step-by-step approach to learning allows students to enjoy constant progress, growth and changes. Some of the benefits of our program include: increased flexibility from head to toe, improve strength, reduce body fat and higher levels of energy and endurance. Our program can add a new and exiting dimension to people's lives. It's good for the mind, body and spirit to learn new skills, and It's a very healthy lifestyle. It's challenging, rewarding an a lot of FUN!

Leadership begins with respect, discipline and self-control!

Our Junior Leadership program is based on core values of respect, discipline and self-control. Classes are designed to condition the attitude, behavior and overall character development while incorporating our mentor system of encouragement and coaching for each student. The classes are high energy, with team based activities that motivated each student to their fullest potential while building skills in communication, leadership and discipline. Students will feel pride in the personal growth in each class as they achieve goals through a system of tips and belts advancement. This program will instill in your child the confidence to succeed in school, at home and in the community. Our highly trained mentors instill the basic of self-defense so your children can protect themselves if they are ever in harm's way. Through established martial-arts techniques like striking and grappling, including a heightened sense of their surroundings. Each class imparts positive lessons tying into daily life, which children are taught to apply at home or at school. Each student is encouraged to vocalize enthusiasm and positive energy throughout the class, a process called incantation that builds confidence and community. When the power is positive reinforcement melds with physical challenge, the result is a healthier, happier and more well-rounded child with and arsenal of tools to succeed in life.

Our Kids Karate Program Is The Perfect Activity For Your Child!

Give your child a strong start on life! Our kids Karate Classes at FIVE RINGS Martial Arts Academy,  learns the basic  of martial arts having fun in a clean and safe environment, designed to improve strength, balance, flexibility and coordination that will help them be the best in the classroom, on the sports field and at home. Classes start simple and gradually become more challenging based on each child's individual pace and readiness for new material. They will develop a positive can-do attitude, build character through specially design exercises that will lead to better grades and  improve social skills. All lessons are based on positive recognitions, rewards and reinforcement for effort, manners, sportsmanship and respectful treatment of others. We also supply parents with peace of mind knowing that their child will be able to prevent bullying and handle peer pressure.